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Some ideas on "the secret"

Posted by Raj on January 25, 2012 at 2:25 PM

     "They got a name for the winners in the world, and I want a name when I lose" - Steely Dan


     A big part of the power behind “The secret” is taking responsibility; Being aware of how you are more in charge of your life than you may realize.

     Taking full responsibility for one;s own life is something that all winners do. The people that we call “losers” are full of excuses and blame for others.

     It is really a radical change for many people, to consider that they might have something to do with their problems and may have to take some responsibility for fixing things. 

     In doing so, for the first time in their lives, they are looking at things that they can do to make their own lives better.

     It is amazingly liberating, but also likely to be resisted. Many people would rather stay stuck and have someone to blame.

     This is another reason to get over the habit of complaining; If you say your life sucks, then you do not want to be responsible for it. If you feel that life is good, you won’t mind taking the credit.

    This is also a good reason to practice acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness.

     Imagine that a person is thinking “I hate that piece of crap that caused my problems, I pray that god kills him. Anyone who supports the cause of my problems is my enemy and a worthless piece of dung.”

     Now imagine how he will feel when it comes to his mind that he might be the bad guy. Is he likely to accept that liberating truth, or go deeper into denial?

     One bit of clarity here. Some people say that we are the cause of our own lives. This idea is taken to an extreme where it is suggested that starving children in Africa have caused their own suffering with thoughts of starvation. I want to dispute that notion. The cards you were dealt in the game were random. The Law of Attraction is more about learning the game, how to play those cards you were dealt in a way that allows you to start winning.

     If you didn’t know that you could bluff, or that a flush beats a pair, how can you be blamed for losing all of this time?

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