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About me: Whatcha wanna know, Joe?

Aw shucks, Huckie, you wanna know about me? That's so nice!

My name is Raj Upadhyay. I am a writer and entertainer ...

Well, I think that I'm entertaining, you may disagree ... but you'd be wrong.

Anyway, I have been playing music for ages, I started playing drums at 14 thanks to KISS's Rock and Roll all night.

 I became an accidental lead vocalist at 16 thanks to Judas Priest's Living after midnight.

I picked up the Bass at 17 and got pretty decent at it. I can still play you just about any song from Iron Maiden's Killers album (just let me warm up, dang it!).

I started writing funny songs at 16, serious songs at 17, and good songs around 21.

I have also written short stories, poems, essays, reviews and a boatload of other crap.

I am regularly embarking on new adventures and creating new content.

If you are interested in looking at or listening to any of these projects click on the links to the left to watch videos, read excerpts or listen to the music or the blah blah**

 ** "NO BLAH BLAH!"- James T. Kirk


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